Andrea Giardini

Cloud Native Consultant / Trainer | CNCF Ambassador

GitOps: managing applications is as easy as… git push!


In the last years, we heard more and more often the word GitOps: managing and deploying applications as code, deploying them automatically in different environments using git.

But how does it work? What are the advantages of this approach? Is it as easy as people claim?

During this workshop, we will see which tools are available to use GitOps on Kubernetes. We will find out together how to write pipelines that will allow us to deploy our apps in different environments as easy as… git push!

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to GitOps and base concepts 💡
  • Available tools for GitOps and Kubernetes 🌱
  • ArgoCD installation and main functionalities 💻
  • Organizing a GitOps repository 📂
  • First pipeline 🚀
  • Suggestions and best practices 💭

Content and duration are customized on client’s needs.
Contact me to know more.